Abnormal program termination

  • #1, by andiliddellSaturday, 31. January 2015, 05:12 10 years ago
    Hi guys

    Is anyone capable of reading the .dmp files, as something is clearly wrong and I'm getting more and more crashes?

    04:07:41: Error: Abnormal program termination. Saved dump file to 'C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local/Andi Liddell/FantasyQuest/vsplayer.dmp'
    04:07:41: Error: Executable: Visionaire 4.1 (Build date: Sep 29 2014, Build 1177)

    It seems to happen when I walk backwards and forwards between two rooms 3 or 4 times in a row?
    The log isn't showing anything un-toward until the sudden error above?

    VS has always been really stable for me and I've never had it crash like this before, even with a MUCH bigger game than this one.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, Ill be back on it tomorrow, time to sleep I think smile

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  • #2, by andiliddellSaturday, 31. January 2015, 05:25 10 years ago
    so much for the sleep... couldn't leave it with an unknown bug...


    Verified by removing the particle effect in the room I'm going to and from and testing for the last 15 minutes... NEVER crashes now.

    Hopefully both PARTICLES and SHADERTOOLKIT usages wont be used as a judging category in the competition as stated, because both of them cause the engine to crash at the moment. razz

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  • #3, by SimonSSaturday, 31. January 2015, 11:18 10 years ago
    Okay, I see you already figured it out. We'll handle the particle system later, the shader toolkit should work, tested that very intensive. If you got dumps, please send them to me wink

    Also if it's a submission for the competition and your program crashes, we will fix it and you won't get negative points by that wink

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  • #4, by andiliddellSaturday, 31. January 2015, 12:04 10 years ago
    Cheers Simon, thanks for clearing this up.

    I'll Disable the particle effect for my submission so you get a clean play-through, but leave it in there if you want to toggle it back on for the room if there's a fix you can apply.

    Ill try and "pop a dump" in the mail for you razz

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  • #5, by andiliddellSaturday, 31. January 2015, 12:13 10 years ago
    Couldn't find your email address on your profile so here's a link to it:


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