A Song for Viggo, just a sneakpeek what I'm working on. :)

  • #1, by saintandsimonFriday, 18. October 2013, 14:17 11 years ago
    Felt that I'm getting so much help from the community that you'll deserve to see what I'm working on. smile. It's a game/interactive story called A Song for Viggo. A story about everyday life, really "boring" gameplay (like change a lightbulb and book your sons funeral). Emphazising anxiety. And all the graphics are made of paper, folded and photographed.

    Hopefully to be released in about one year. smile


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 18. October 2013, 22:01 11 years ago
    That looks very promising. I like the way the lighting and paper comes together.

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  • #3, by portablemind2Saturday, 19. October 2013, 09:11 11 years ago
    wow man. I want to play this game!!


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  • #4, by DilatedSaturday, 19. October 2013, 09:34 11 years ago
    ahhh sets looks awesome!

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  • #5, by denis-Saturday, 19. October 2013, 13:19 11 years ago
    Whoa! Very nice.


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  • #6, by BigStansSaturday, 19. October 2013, 13:39 11 years ago
    Strange and nice idea! Awesome!

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  • #7, by saintandsimonSaturday, 19. October 2013, 13:57 11 years ago
    Awh, warms my heart with these nice words. ^^

    It's a hell of a job but it's fun. Five chapters, and the first is almost ready function-wise (which I need to add paper-graphics on). Main goal is to tell a story about everyday-stuff, depression and diving into relationships.

    I'll keep more posted when there are more things to show! smile


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  • #8, by NigecWednesday, 23. October 2013, 11:06 11 years ago
    Are you doing stop motion animation for the characters?
    Looks really cool, nice work smile

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  • #9, by saintandsimonWednesday, 23. October 2013, 12:28 11 years ago
    Thanks. smile, yes, when the characters are folded and done I am to stop motion them. Still kind of stuck how many walkcycles to shoot, and how many analogue setups, since I want the "real" lighting to blend in on the characters without using lightmaps.


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