A couple of bugs

  • #1, by tom-hardwidgeFriday, 18. September, 23:57 A month ago
    I think I've found a couple of bugs in the engine, is it best to report them on here?

    1) Background music appears to be stuck on an old sound file that I used previously, when I re-build the game it doesn't update the music to the new track. If I duplicate the scene then it works, but then I have to re-adjust all of the conditions etc.

    2) I had the narration text set to "left aligned" for a while, but have now changed this to "centrally aligned". This works on the initial scene (which is relatively new), but the text is still left aligned on other scenes.

    Will I need to recreate the original scenes or is there some way I can flush out the old settings?



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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 19. September, 01:12 A month ago
    Delete the tmp folder located in the root game folder where the ved file is located, then try exporting/building the game again. It's probably a cache issue, so deleting the folder I just mentioned should fix the issue.


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  • #3, by SimonSSaturday, 19. September, 08:43 A month ago
    You probably have old savegames. Music is saved in the savegame. Same for text alignment.

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  • #4, by tom-hardwidgeSaturday, 19. September, 15:55 A month ago
    Brilliant, thanks Simon. Will try that.


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