5.3.2 1240 Update released

  • #1, by SimonSThursday, 13. June, 16:41 A month ago
    - Fix crash with textpanes
    - Fix crash with audiosystem and replaceGame
    - Fix crash with components and changing the theme in the editor
    - Editor checks for updated sounds now
    - Delete confirmation not working for visual scripting
    - Audio container tree is now closed again
    - Fix: Lua conditions don't allow quotes
    - Option to align dialog options
    - Fix Ilios: Some fields return incorrect values
    - TMX: Horizontal collision boxes are combined to fix ghost vertices
    - Option to deactivate comment for standard command
    - Fix: Bitmap fonts are drawn multiple times in dialog
    - Custom cursors are now scaled up with DPI
    - Interface text components are now reloaded on language change / interface hide
    - Box2D FixedUpdate is now called before physics solve

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