5.1.5 1215 Update released

  • #1, by SimonSSunday, 20. December 2020, 17:04 3 weeks ago

    • html5 open browser via lua
    • linux fullscreen desktop
    • scissor errors if switching windowed
    • audiobus unlikely crash with syncbus
    • 3d model without bones not shown
    • outfit random animation timing controls
    • clicking in syncbus preview on loop
    • can't move markers in syncbus without tempo
    • item animation is scaled centered
    • scrollposition field not updated if moving via mouse
    • objectvisibility sometimes overwritten by destvisibility
    • random values can crash if the same
    • crash with non existent tween object if savegame is loaded
    • ilios: no autocomplete in statemachines
    • 4k resolutions misnamed
    • scrolling: old 4.25 game don't scroll
    • scrolling: right border not respected
    • android: sign with apksigner (needs to be selected, mine is in C:\android-sdk\build-tools\30.0.3\apksigner.bat)
    • android: reopening doesn't work
    • android: asserts crash
    • mac: setcursorpos doesn't take dpi into account
    • mac: remove hrtf message
    • mac: deactivate metal on big sur (bug surge) with intel graphics, because it's just crashing
    • ios: no sound
    • spine: sometimes there's an extra frame

    • preview listbox moving
    • update galaxy sdk, check for steam_api64
    • ilios action parts

    Ilios action parts can pause execution. Examples:

    // wait 20 frames
    int i=20;
      yield return;

    // wait until current character is idle
    while(game.CurrentCharacter.CurrentAnimation.SavedObject.ParentField != VisField.OutfitStandingAnimations)
      yield return;

    // move an object in a circle
    float time = GetTime();
    float len = 2;
    while(GetTime() < time + len)
      float x = (GetTime() - time) / len;
      Objects["moving"].Offset = vec2.FromAngle(x*2*Math.Pi, 100.0).Point();
      yield return;

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  • #2, by brut69Sunday, 27. December 2020, 21:58 2 weeks ago
    Good job Simon! This fixed many of my crashes while in the editor.
    There is a small problem though with the android builder now. Once it updated it asked for the apksigner location again. However , when I did an android build , it finished without problems but it wouldn't install on any android (it will go 90% and then say "App Not Installed". I tried to update from 29.03 of the building tools to 30.03 hoping that the newer version of the apksigner will fix it. Now I get this error on the builder :

    "0:32:432  ERROR: JAVA_HOME is not set and no 'java' command could be found in your PATH.Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match thelocation of your Java installation."

    Any thoughts? Shall I go back to 29.03?

    *Nevermind -> Fixed it by updating JDK to 15. The error is now gone and everything is working perfectly

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