5.1.4 1212 Update released

  • #1, by SimonSMonday, 28. September, 14:18 3 weeks ago
    And the next release is out.

    • fix: mirrored animations copied name 
    • fix: crash with some hardware, that removes objects from the ved
    • fix: tunnel transition now working again
    • scrolling reworked , should now start and stop smoother
    • search in lua and ilios directly (F3, Ctrl+F)
    • order now readable via lua (.order)
    • fix: change sound settings sets loop to false
    • start movie components via lua: graphics.playObjectMovie(game.CurrentScene.Objects[1], ".mp4", false, 1, {x=0,y=0}, false, function() print("done") end)
    • audio containers now work in the web player

    Audio System:
    • sync container:
    • transition area
    • precise transitions
    • snap to grid
    • zoom centered
    • fix: markers not clickable
    • possibility rename markers
    • fix: automations not used 
    • fix: comma missing in preview 
    • fix: preview value not used for some containers 

    • arrays usable in visual scripting
    • fix: and / or can cause crashes with object creation,  
    • start movies on objects (.StartMovie)
    • access movie on objects (.Movie)
    • movie finish callback (.Movie.Callback)
    • outlets can now use visionaire objects, strings, numbers, paths, points, enums 
    • character, button, interface behaviours 

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  • #2, by jaunxMonday, 28. September, 23:20 3 weeks ago
    Great, thanks SimonS, regards


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  • #3, by fabian-schurgersWednesday, 30. September, 13:43 3 weeks ago
    Thanks for fixing the scrolling!


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  • #4, by brut69Friday, 02. October, 23:00 3 weeks ago
    Great ! Thanks Simon!
    Can you confirm that there aren't any problems with the Android and MAC export? Since I updated both MAC and Android exports seem to crash once a game starts or at random.

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  • #5, by SimonSFriday, 02. October, 23:01 3 weeks ago
    If on Mac I need crashlogs, Android is a bit hard to get crashlogs.

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  • #6, by tesildeen-Saturday, 10. October, 15:39 A week ago
    Hi, Simon,

    unfortunately I have some issues since the update.
    - Backround music is not playing,
    - it is not possible to scroll on a larger screen,
    - the charactersize is changed,

    This isn´t an urgend issue, I can keep working with the version 5.1.3.
    But I thought you should know anyway :-)

    SOLVED: I just had to delete the old savegames.


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