5.1.0 drawing order issues

  • #1, by tudor-stamateFriday, 24. April 2020, 07:23 A year ago
    EDIT: I've changed the topics title to reflect my latest findings. See the post below this one

    Hello all,
    We are having some weird issues in our Android build where Particles get drawn behind other objects, even if they're lower in the object hierarchy.
    While this might not be that big of an issue, the same happens with some hotspots, for example:
    There's an item behind a door. When tapping on the door it should open to reveal the item, with which the player can interact. Instead, what happens is, if you tap on the door, the Item interaction runs.
    On iOS or PC this does not happen. We're currently using 5.0.9
    Did anybody run into this type of issue before?
    PS: We're still using 5.0.9 as 5.1.0 generates a lot more drawing issues on our project, even on PC.


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  • #2, by tudor-stamateSaturday, 25. April 2020, 08:34 A year ago
    Hello again,

    I thought I'd give another try to 5.1.0 and installed it, backing up the 5.9.0 version of the project. Funny thing: the bugs we were encountering on the Android version built with 5.9.0 are now happening on Windows and iOS too.

    What I've discovered is that it seems that the drawing order is done in the opposite way the hotspot calculations are done, as in the picture attached.

    Is this a feature or a bug?

    I'm going to continue digging and see what happens with the particles as well.



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  • #3, by NigecSaturday, 25. April 2020, 08:53 A year ago
    there is a draw order bug with 5.1... I wonder if 5.09 is using the newer build tools?
    it is getting fixed as far as I'm aware

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  • #4, by tudor-stamateMonday, 27. April 2020, 06:58 A year ago
    Hmmm I think you're right. When we created the Android build, the tools updated automatically.

    It's good to know there's a fix coming. We'll hold off from fixing it by hand since that will mean to fix it again after the update haha



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  • #5, by tudor-stamateWednesday, 29. April 2020, 11:06 A year ago
    Hello again,

    We tried fixing some stuff by hand, but unfortunately it just creates more and more issues...

    Is there a way to download a previous version of the Android Platform tools?


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