4.2.5 Scene Fade before character

  • #1, by andiliddellWednesday, 16. March 2016, 00:31 8 years ago
    Hi all,

    I'm pretty sure this didn't happen in previous versions but I'm noticing on a-lot of my scenes when you walk from one scene to the next the character sprite appears immediately in the position for the next scene, then the scene fade happens.

    This spoils the scene fading and makes it look like the character just jumped positions on your current scene for a second before the fade happens to the next scene.

    Anyone else noticed this, or have a work around?


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  • #2, by andiliddellWednesday, 16. March 2016, 00:58 8 years ago
    I've realised this is only halfway through my game when the character is wearing a second outfit.

    Months ago I had to write a simple action called "checkOutfit" on the character which is run "At beginning of scene" (on most scenes) . I've put a screen grab of this action below.

    It was 12 months ago that I added this action, but form memory it was to get around another issue whereby if the player went out to the save menu and came back to the game the character would revert back to his original costume, or when you went into certain rooms he would revert back to default costume again.

    Has anyone experienced this or know of a workaround... I'm not even sure if its the case any more, or if this action is causing the character sprite to not be included in the room fade. I imagine it is.

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  • #3, by andiliddellWednesday, 16. March 2016, 23:11 8 years ago
    As usual a few hours more digging has found a solution, I always like to share these with community so you can avoid making the same mistakes and getting stuck.

    In one of my scenes (about midway through my game) I changed the fade scene effect to "fade over" or fade to new scene. It appears with this fade mode the character can be seen in its new position before the scene starts to fade.

    I actually think this could be a bug, as I cleared my outfit update function and was still seeing this effect.

    Simple fix was to set the fade effect back to "fade out and fade in", so it fades to black.. swaps the character, then fades in the next scene... sorted! smile

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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 16. March 2016, 23:27 8 years ago
    Yeah I think some of the scene transition effects are known bugs. They have been reported on various occasions. Good to hear you managed to figure out what was causing the issue. wink


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