3D objects in the inventory

  • #1, by Toasted AdventuresWednesday, 19. August 2015, 13:18 9 years ago

    Is it possible to examine items in the inventory and go to a close up where you can rotate a 3D object that is the item in question?



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  • #2, by sebastianWednesday, 19. August 2015, 13:23 9 years ago
    there are no 3d items, but you can fake a 3d detail view of an item by using pre rendered graphics:
    when looking on an item graphic (use look) a "detail view" interface could pop up which has a 360° rotating animation. I think you can also use lua to rotate it only to a desired frame of an animation when you click on rotate left/rotate right buttons...

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  • #3, by Toasted AdventuresWednesday, 19. August 2015, 13:27 9 years ago
    That is a lovely idea! Thank you very much! I will definitely try that smile


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  • #4, by AkcayKaraazmakWednesday, 19. August 2015, 14:44 9 years ago
    Or you can import your 3d objects as characters as npcs. Then you may call them when you click the related item in the inventory. Never tried this but it may work. And with lua you could rotate them. But the best solution is to make them pre-rendered, as our friend Toased wrote smile

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