3D characters and 3D scene items

  • #1, by darkconsulFriday, 18. August 2017, 15:05 7 years ago
    I did read the wiki how to import the character. Used assimpview. All my models can be displayed there. when I try to use them in visionaire the game keeps black somme times.
    Same effect when I use a 3D model to use it as a scene item. Or they will are just not shown. the guide says when there is no error in assimpview, visionaire should be able to display it.

    I'm using Blender for export  and .dae format.

    can anyone send me a working model? or give me tips how to import from blender?

    certainly I could render the images to pictures and import in this way but I plan very much diffrent animations so a 3D animation will be better for all.

    pehaps I make something wrong when I select just the 3d model-file, save and want to watch it.

    And its important to know how working 3d-models runs in diffrent plattforms and mobiles
    does it works fine, once they run at windows or is it not save enough?


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 18. August 2017, 16:50 7 years ago
    .x format works best for Visionaire Studio. I think Ackay mentions that somewhere in his mini-guide on the wiki? He recently said he will sort out an up to date guide for 3D characters as his methods have changed since he upgraded to Visionaire Studio 5.


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