[Wish] Tooltips!

  • #1, by 49vzcztc3seTuesday, 26. March 2019, 04:11 5 years ago
    As Visionaire 5 is absolutely undocumented right now and UI is pretty horrible, why not implement tooltips? So people would actually know what Particle System "offset" does or what "Snoop" animation is, etc?


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  • #2, by SimonSTuesday, 26. March 2019, 09:48 5 years ago
    You know that there are tooltips right ? Not everywhere, but at many places, e.g. for the snoop animation if you hover over the text.

    The new parts are still pretty undocumented, I'll tend to that in the future, but I need to finish some building sites.

    "pretty horrible", can you specify so I can make it better ?

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