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  • #1, by Simon_ASASaturday, 15. August 2015, 11:33 9 years ago
    Hello! Now that I start to know Visionaire 4.x a little better, I can try to help and give small advice here and there.

    The first thing I'd like to share is my experience with the interface. The interface of Visionaire is a bit heavy and, like several people said in other threads, it would be great if there could be improvements in future versions. However in the meantime, there are useful tips that allow to work faster, in a more comfortable way.

    Here are a few things I changed in order to optimize the way I work:

    Go to the Extra Menu (at the top) and choose Options.

    In the Display tab:

    - display of main categories --> in a combobox (this will remove the icons on the left, and place a nice menu at the top left corner, in order to increase workspace)

    - check "automatically zoom out if image is too large"

    - check "show selection dialog for new action part" (I find this great: instead of showing the long list of action parts, it will directly show the window with the actions you use the most often.)

    - check "showtext for current cursor selection"

    In the Settings tab:

    - increase/decrease zoom by: (here you need to enter a number. I was not happy with the default value and I entered 10)
    PS: you can zoom/dezoom with ctrl+mouse scroll

    In the Toolbar tab:

    Here I disabled everything, except for Copy/Paste. I think that the other icons are not useful, and that they just take space for nothing. Most of these actions can be done with shortcuts (a slow double-click will allow you to rename, ctrl+c & ctrl+v will also work to copy/paste) so you can uncheck them all if you want.

    In the Player tab:

    I would recommend changing the Log level to 'Info'.
    As a result, all the details will be written in the log, so you can find your problems more easily. You can adjust later to another level if the 'info' level shows more details.

    Also, a few more tips:

    You can start your game with F9 (will show the game since you last saved)
    You can save+start your game with Ctrl+F9 (recommended)
    When you are in game, you can display the console with TAB. This is every useful to seek for bugs and issues.

    When the console is opened:
    - type: print conditions (enter) to show the current status of your conditions
    - type: print values (enter) to show the current status of the values
    - type: print log (enter) to show the log file with the last informations and errors

    Quit the game with Alt+F4

    I've been working like that for a while and it's nice.
    I hope it can be useful to some of you too.

    And you, did you find other useful tips with the interface? How do you use the console?

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  • #2, by tristan-kangSaturday, 15. August 2015, 12:55 9 years ago
    About 'main categories --> in a combobox'

    It's somehow inconvenient when you switch other categories a lot (e.g setting characters position or arranging interface).

    Overall, it's some valuable tips you provided.

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  • #3, by PaupasiaSaturday, 15. August 2015, 13:26 9 years ago
    Hi Simon!! Thank you so much for these helpful tips! Especially for the "display the console with TAB" I think I will use it often in development grin

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  • #4, by Simon_ASASaturday, 15. August 2015, 15:04 9 years ago
    Thanks wink

    About 'main categories --> in a combobox'

    It's somehow inconvenient when you switch other categories a lot (e.g setting characters position or arranging interface).

    Yes of course, you're right. It's because I work on a Myst-like where there are no characters, so I don't need to switch a lot between catergories. I think everyone should use the settings they like smile

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