[solved] Problem/explications with dialog area...

  • #1, by chefgeorgesSaturday, 30. June 2018, 13:26 6 years ago

    Is it possible to display the questions and the answers in the same dialog areas ?

    For now, after checking a question, the dialog area disappears and questions/answers appear above the characters (as in a LucasArt game).

    Thank you.



    Est-ce qu'il est possible de faire apparaitre les questions et les réponses dans les mêmes zones de dialogues ?

    Pour l'instant, après avoir coché une question, la dialog area disparait et les questions/réponses apparaissent au dessus des personnages (comme dans un jeu LucasArt).



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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 30. June 2018, 13:35 6 years ago
    Yes it's possible to force the text of characters into a specific position. Check out the setTextPosition example here. You don't actually have to check if x character is talking, you can just check if it's a character talking & not a narration/object text or let it handle all displayed texts.


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  • #3, by chefgeorgesSaturday, 30. June 2018, 13:43 6 years ago
    Ok, thanks.
    I will look at it.

    (What a quick answer! lol) wink


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