[SOLVED] Make some speeches unskippable while others should be skippable

  • #1, by schinkenSunday, 05. November 2017, 22:37 7 years ago
    Best title I could come up with. Here is some info on what i'm trying to achieve. The games is to be played on a livestream sometime in the future.

    Main character: Is live-voiced (reading the text aloud), text should only finish by mouse-click with:

    Narrator: Is also live-voiced (but the streamer doesn't know and should not accidentally skip his text, this would break the imagination of pre-recorded voice (It's a surprise that the narrator is in the next room live talking)). Should use a fixed timing via:

    Other NPCs: Have pre-recorded messages and just use (should also not be skippable).

    My problem: Using cutscenes disables the left-click for the (main character) texts. Allowing to always skip allows to.... well always skip no matter what.

    I'm guessing constantly enabling and disabling cutscene mode is the most sane way to handle this? I could also probably create my own lua function (narratorSpeak() that wraps cutscene & speak in one function I just have to call that instead?)

    It's hard to provide screenshots/videos of what i'm trying to achieve. If you still have any questions  please just ask smile


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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 06. November 2017, 17:16 7 years ago
    using cutscenes for non scipable texts and no cutscenes for the rest would be the only solution i can guess of

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  • #3, by schinkenMonday, 06. November 2017, 21:35 7 years ago
    Yeah I figured that. At least that's the only way I see right now. Thanks anyway though.


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