(SOLVED) Immediate Execution vs Eexecution at Destination

  • #1, by doroboSaturday, 05. May 2018, 22:54 3 years ago
    Is there a way to scrap object area after initial set of actions that was IMMEDIATE EXECUTION so the same space could be used for a different EXECUTION AT DESTINATION object after.

    I do set of actions after a left click for animations to reveal a secret doorway but for a player to go inside that area i need a change of scene at a destination. Can't figure out how to do the 'immediate' part of actions and the 'at destination' on the same object/area. First i used send to object but if interupted it just changes scene when player stops in some other place. Two different mouse buttons could probably solve that but i want everything be done with one button in this game.

    Hope this makes sense. HELP  pleasesmile


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 05. May 2018, 23:18 3 years ago
    The problem here is that an immediate execution action whether it's a command or left click will always take priority over an at destination action. Just use conditions or a value & then you can replace the current scene object with another one. Or have another scene object polygon drawn on top of the current one providing you get the scene object order correct.

    In regards to the immediate executions: if you are wanting to force the character to walk somewhere on left click/command immediate then it has to be wrapped inside of a begin/end cutscene or hide/show cursor wrapper to prevent player interaction other wise the player can update the destination or interaction target, but it will still play out the immediate action block unless you quit it with the quit action action part or with Lua script & the stopAction function.


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  • #3, by doroboSunday, 06. May 2018, 15:53 3 years ago
    Thank you. Negate condition did the job.  I spent couple hours playing with action parts with no results and solution was right there smile Basic lack of experience on my part. Thanks again.


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