[SOLVED] highlight at rollover in dialogs?

  • #1, by rauleThursday, 29. August 2013, 20:37 11 years ago
    short little question.

    is it possible to highlight a dialog option during rollover with the cursor?
    thx for any answer!




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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 29. August 2013, 20:56 11 years ago
    check properties tab for character who dialog belongs to...
    you can set inactive dialog font & active dialog font.

    if you mean some kind of image behind then I'm not sure...
    but maybe you could add a interface behind it which sets an active image button on mouse over x object area?


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  • #3, by rauleThursday, 29. August 2013, 21:11 11 years ago
    oh cool!
    that easy. sorry i should have looked at the several properties by myself.

    thank you very much!


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