[solved] Go on playing while somebody talks / talking interrupt gameplay

  • #1, by stothewWednesday, 25. April 2018, 12:35 6 years ago
    Hi there!

    i have a person begging for Help in a screen. You can´t help him immediately so he keeps talking while you try to help.

    But every time he talks the Character stops the mouse disappear and it also interrupt other talking persons in the same room.

    Is there any way to stop this behavior for this person in this situation?

    Would be nice to hear what you think about it.


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  • #2, by sebastianWednesday, 25. April 2018, 12:39 6 years ago
    is this displayed character text set as Background text? 

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  • #3, by stothewWednesday, 25. April 2018, 13:18 6 years ago
    Oh, cool there is already an Option for that.
    Backgound text did the trick.

    Thanks sebastian!

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