[resolved]Problem with animation not played after change scene

  • #1, by wimfFriday, 09. February 2018, 18:27 3 years ago
    I noticed that since the last release of VS5, my animations do not work anymore as with older versions. When I change scene and come back, the animations that were in progress are no longer played roll

    Example: I am in the living room. I open a drawer, it opens (loop animation of 1 image with open drawer). Then when I look in the open drawer, I change scene (change drawer scene). Once I leave the stage and return to the living room, the animation is no longer played ... and so the image of the closed drawer is visible.

    I could do it with conditions, but why without changing anything it does not work anymore (with the VS4 and the first VS5, it worked). I have so many scenes that if I have to change everything with the conditions, it will take me a lot of working hours.

    Thank you very much

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 09. February 2018, 19:56 3 years ago
    The game wouldn't remember played animations when loading from a save game anyway. Use conditions or values to make sure the correct images/animations are played on scene load. You should have been using conditions to begin with.


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  • #3, by wimfFriday, 09. February 2018, 20:56 3 years ago
    Thank you. It's ok , it working great with conditions

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