[Resolved]Background music - Could not open file 'rte'

  • #1, by wimfThursday, 01. March 2018, 13:09 3 years ago

    I have a stranger problem with my project.

    If i use this command "Play and loop sound infinitely", and i use a .ogg format, my music file working


    If i put the same .ogg file in properties of my room (Background music), the music not play, and i have a error in log :

    12:53:08.216:Could not open file 'rte'
    12:53:08.216:Failed to open soundfile 'rte'. Audio format is probably not supported or file is corrupt.

    I make my files with Audacity

    I would like to use my file in "background music", so that when I change rooms, the music continues and does not restart every time

    Thank you for your help

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  • #2, by wimfThursday, 01. March 2018, 14:47 3 years ago

    In my first scene, it's working, but not with other scene. I do not see why

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  • #3, by wimfThursday, 01. March 2018, 15:34 3 years ago
    Sorry, i have found a problem. My savegame is corrupt. With new game, it's working

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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 01. March 2018, 17:37 3 years ago
    Aye, sorry. Was going to ask if you were loading from an old save file. Old save files can cause conflict issues when using them in a game that has been updated, especially if the updated version contains new conditions &/or values.


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  • #5, by wimfSaturday, 03. March 2018, 09:43 3 years ago
    Thank you.

    Yes, I asked the question a bit too fast, because this info had already been given to me a long time ago smile

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