[Crash][Bug] Crash when trying to set waypoint if using a Spine character

  • #1, by matthew-woodWednesday, 20. May 2020, 01:03 3 years ago
    I was updating a character to use a Spine file instead of the demo image. Everything worked in the character tab. Then knowing that my waypoint scaling would be off, I switched to the Scenes tab and selected the waypoints object to start modifying various points in the path. As soon as I drag the mouse into the viewing area - it crashes. I'm assuming its because it failing to generate the character preview, but maybe there's a setting that i just need to turn on/off or correct? 


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  • #2, by george-stobbartSaturday, 06. June 2020, 16:19 3 years ago
    Hi Matthew,
    did you already updated your Visionair to the latest version? I myself did not have this issue, but I know that there were several issues with spine integration in the previous versions.

    See the latest changelog especially for the spine improvements.
    Hopefully I could help!

    Bugfix 2
    - object order for interaction wrong
    - increase max texture size to 6000x6000
    - html5 saving now working
    - spine preview in waysystems too big
    - spine crashes with old files
    - spine object center preview misplaced
    - shaders can now created on mac with metal
    - right click / double click skips walking to object
    - android now working on 5.0
    - set character to position now updates action areas
    - now waiting for turning on position
    - restricting scrollable area now working
    - animations are now also scaled around center like sprites
    - earthquake position is reset after stopping
    - stop button not usable
    - crash with 3d models
    - 3d models not turning correctly
    - inventory item animation not shown
    - rtf / html text export is missing chars


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