[Bug] game action text rectangle doesn't get saved in new projects

  • #1, by sebastianThursday, 15. June 2017, 17:58 7 years ago
    Hey there,

    i came across a bug while creating a new project and defining an action text area.
    The values i enter there don't get saved in the project. When i open the project file in a text editor the values are still default so that the action text gets displayed at -1/-1 ...

    in project file when opened with editor:
    GameActionTextRect top="-1" left="-1" bottom="-3" right="-3" 

    but should be

    I can edit the .ved file in the editor to get it working though but thats not the point here^^ Bug is that it doesnt get saved correctly.

    macOS 10.11.6 , VS5 RC0 1188 full

    Hope to see a fix soon. This is really gamebreaking (for new projects) in a way ...


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