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  • #1, by ozzie-daveThursday, 30. November 2017, 23:23 6 years ago
    Hi All,
    I may have broke the rules here, I have a Gravestone and I wanted a text to appear on screen when the cursor was over it, but I didn't want it to be an ITEM.
    So I just made it an Object in the Scene, with a copy of the image as an overlay, so that my Player could walk behind it. I drew an Object Area around it. In the properties of the object I wrote Gravestone, on mouse over I get Gravestone<br/>  which I know means Break, is it possible to get rid of the <br/>. I even tried with no name at all, but got it on its own.
    Of course this does not happen if I made the Gravestone an actual ITEM and gave the ITEM a Name.
    I noticed in Demo Fantasy Quest first scene, placing mouse cursor over Doorway, near stairs the text reads DOORWAY, and that area is not an ITEM ?.


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  • #2, by sebastianFriday, 01. December 2017, 00:15 6 years ago
    you actually never need to use an item for interactions with scene objects - only if you want to use/ combine the item in the inventory with a scene object.

    scene object images do not neccessarily need the same image as the item because it may have different perspectives or other artistic reasons to nakebit look different. 

    Using a scene object and its image inside the scene is the correct way to have interactable scene elements. So you are on the right track. 

    I assume that the gravestone text has that line break somewhere in it. probably at the end or beginning. Make sure to delete the whole text and rewrite it. Maybe this makes it disappear. 

    How do you display the text by mouseover? 

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