[3dFoin] hot Female Archer - and November Sale (50% off all items) XD

  • #1, by 3dFoinWednesday, 13. November 2013, 02:12 11 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your continued support we love you so much grin
    We have new model again, it's a female archer as promised grin



    Also to welcome the Royal Archer to our product family we're kicking off the November Sale, 50% off any model purchased, so what are you waiting for? XD



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  • #2, by BigStansWednesday, 13. November 2013, 03:57 11 years ago
    grin I did not write what i am doing with this female if she bow-hunt me xD But she looks very good @ 3d smile

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  • #3, by 3dFoinTuesday, 24. December 2013, 10:38 11 years ago
    LOL thank you grin


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