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    Hi there;

    I'm a Music and Multimedia Producer from Spain, with long experience working on it (doing works for radios, games and my own projects), who is looking for jobs, mainly as Spanish Translator, but with the possibility to offer too, my advanced skills as 2D Artist, Video Editor, Sound Editor, Community Manager, and as Online Public Relations.

    As a player and fan of Point-N-Click games, i have played a lot of graphical adventures ones (my favourite kind) and also another type of games that are centered on this game style. But of course, i can work on any game that would require of any of my services.

    If you want to see more from me, you can access to my Official Facebook Webzone at:

    Or at my Youtub Official Channel:

    I do all my works in a professional way, i'm honest and i give a good communication. I have experience working on team and by myself. Feel free to contact with me for more examples of my work, as online as in private.

    If you need and want that your project can reach the Spanish Community all over the world, just take a look at me, you won't be dissapointed. And don't worry, all can be spoken.

    Take Care and C U Soon !!!

    NOTE: Nowadays, appart from some personal projects i'm developing, i'm helping too to translate some softwares and games, and i will work on the Spanish Translation of the Graphical Adventure 'Where is my Family?' from Wimfgame.


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