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  • Visionaire Projects
    Friday, 29. January , Comments: 1
    The Preposterous Awesomeness of Everything is OUT NOW!
  • Adventures
    Sunday, 29. November 2015, Comments: 1
    There's a new version of Visionaire Studio in town. The new version 4.25 finally fixes several bugs (ttf system, walking speed) AND we added the support of game controlers, GOG Galaxy Client, SPINE and expanded the zooming functions. Go and get the new version and write into our discussion boards if you have problems.
  • Adventures
    Thursday, 26. November 2015, Comments: 4
    There will be a Myst Game Jam in January.
  • Projects
    Monday, 09. November 2015
  • Visionaire Projects
    Wednesday, 16. September 2015, Comments: 2
    New video of Catyph: the Kunci Experiment, a "Myst in space" created with Visionaire.
  • Visionaire Projects
    Tuesday, 08. September 2015
    tiny & Tall: Gleipnir is the point'n'click adaptation of a graphic novel. It tells the epic story of two characters who are far from epic... Drawn in traditional 2D style, with painted backgrounds and cartoonish characters, Gleipnir is a passion project that I've been working on for the past two years.
  • Visionaire Projects
    Friday, 24. July 2015, Comments: 2
    See how we create the artwork for our upcoming adventure game!
  • Visionaire Projects
    Monday, 20. July 2015
    We put A Little Less Desperation on Steam and we hope you vote for us!
  • Visionaire Projects
    Thursday, 04. June 2015, Comments: 1
    Oh wow... honestly... we're out of breath... totally out of words and extremely moved by your great support in the last 2 days and generally through this entire campaign on kickstarter. More than 790 supporters and even awarded developers support our game. JUST A SINGLE DAY REMAINS, but then the next journey will begin - the journey to, through and far beyond OAK ISLAND. Please support us in these final hours on kickstarter! Thank you so much!
  • Adventures
    Friday, 15. May 2015
    We are on kickstarter to fund this classic point and click adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intruiging mystery. Your support is highly appreciated!

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