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  • Visionaire Projects
    Thursday, 04. June , Comments: 1
    Oh wow... honestly... we're out of breath... totally out of words and extremely moved by your great support in the last 2 days and generally through this entire campaign on kickstarter. More than 790 supporters and even awarded developers support our game. JUST A SINGLE DAY REMAINS, but then the next journey will begin - the journey to, through and far beyond OAK ISLAND. Please support us in these final hours on kickstarter! Thank you so much!
  • Adventures
    Friday, 15. May
    We are on kickstarter to fund this classic point and click adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intruiging mystery. Your support is highly appreciated!
  • Adventures
    Tuesday, 12. May
    Today the Director's Cut of Zak McKracken between time & space has been released. This new version was updated with 16:9 graphics, an easier to use interface and includes English and French translations.
  • Visionaire Engine
    Friday, 01. May , Comments: 14
    A new version of Visionaire Studio has just been released. You find all the news, changes and the complete release notes in this article. Have fun with the new version!
  • Visionaire Projects
    Wednesday, 08. April
    One man + Mother's basement + Visionaire Studio + three years = one adventure game. Check it out on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/354180/
  • Adventures
    Thursday, 12. March , Comments: 6
    Finally we've made it. After intensive and exhausting tests by 12 experts from the adventure game genre, the winners are selected.
  • Visionaire Projects
    Thursday, 05. March
    ASA: A Space Adventure is a first-person slideshow adventure game made in tribute to Riven and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Visit a vast spaceship called The Ark, divided into 6 areas, and discover the truth behind the Cubes... ASA: Remastered Edition is an improved version of the original game from January 2013.
  • Adventures
    Friday, 31. October 2014, Comments: 3
    Visionaire Studio is holding a competition, in which the winning submissions will have the honor of becoming the new official demo games. We will also be providing various prizes for the winners and runners up!
  • Visionaire Projects
    Wednesday, 29. October 2014, Comments: 5
    In 2057, an astronaut finds a strange Black Cube in Space, and is teleported onto a mysterious spaceship called the Ark. You soon discover that he's not the first astronaut from planet Terra to arrive here: Philip Forte lived through the very same experience in 2011 and, fortunately, left a diary explaining his story. With this help, you visit the Ark, with one single goal in mind: getting back home!
  • Visionaire Engine
    Friday, 15. August 2014, Comments: 5
    As you could see in the last weeks, we accelerate the development of Visionaire Studio. Updates are coming faster and more frequently. Today we released Visionaire Studio 4.01, that comes with bugfixes and some new functions. Have fun with it!

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